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What's the Tukios Store?

Welcome to our convenience store! We sell these products for your convenience, not to try and make money on products. Please browse around the catalog and let us know if you have any questions or need assistance.

The Tukios store is our online store where you can find various items to help in producing your Tukios videos. None of these items are required to make Tukios videos, but they can help to make the product the best it can be or add personalization to your 

Feel free to take a look at the store and see what's available. https://store.tukios.com/

It looks something like this.

You can find the following items on the Tukios store.

Quick Start Bundle.

This includes 1 Fujitsu ScanSnap High-Speed Photo Scanner and 2 Mi Boxes

Mi Box for Direct Delivery

The mi box is the device used with our direct delivery system. With it, you can easily send your videos to the device and play them on your TV with the press of a button. There is a short setup process before that, but it's pretty painless.

Celebrate Life Display

This little display includes pamphlets that the family can take with them and read about what they can get with their tribute video. It helps advertise the videos or have an easy way for the family to become informed about what is available to them.

Fujitsu Auto-Feed Photo Scanner

Many families have physical photos of their loved ones, and those photos need some way to get into the video. This scanner can take a stack of photos and scan them all onto your computer. From there, you can upload them into Tukios. Quick and easy!

Photo Envelopes

These envelopes come in packs of 15. You can give them to the family, so the family has something to put their photos in when they give them to you. The envelopes also provide the link to Tributeslides.com, where they can browse the themes and music available for the tribute video.

Avery DVD Labels

DVDs make very nice keepsake items, but it makes a huge difference in what kind of picture is on the DVD. These labels are meant to fit with the DVD label files that can be downloaded from any completed video. These come in packs of 40.

Brochure Refill

Instead of buying another celebrate life display when you run out of brochures, you can buy this bundle of 100 brochures to refill the Celebrate Life display. Now, even more families can take a brochure!

Black & Clear DVD Cases

DVDs need something in which to be stored. These cases protect the DVDs you make and also make it easier to store the DVDs. You can also print out a jacket that fits around the DVD case behind the clear plastic outside to make it an even more memorable item! These come in packs of 25 and come in either black or clear


If you plan on putting the tribute video onto a DVD, you'll need a DVD. There are different types of DVDs, and we've found that the -R type works the best. These come in stacks of 100.

Avery DVD Label Applicator

Putting DVD labels onto DVDs can be tricky. This applicator helps you apply the label just right every time.

HD Animated Logo

Tukios will create a High Definition, 1080p animation of your logo that can be placed at the end of each of your tribute videos. This can be an additional level of personalization that both your funeral home and your families will love! If you do not have a logo associated with your account, one of our account managers will be in contact with you to gather those assets.

Sample and Bulk Video Books

The Video Book is a much more modern keepsake for the family. When was the last time you pulled out a DVD and loaded it in your DVD player? The Video Book can sit on the coffee table, and it plays the video the moment it is opened.

The sample Video Book can be used as a display. It comes preloaded with a video and the photo already glued in the cover.

The bulk purchase of blank Video Books that you will be responsible for putting the video and cover photo into it. You have the option to include your logo on the back with quantities of 250 or more. On smaller orders, the funeral home logo may be added with a glossy sticker.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to email or call us

support@tukios.com  |  801.682.4391