There are currently 4 options for editing photos in the Tukios Program, the Enhance option, the Color Correction tool, the Red Eye Removal tool, and Blemish Concealer tool. This article will cover these 4 ways you can adjust and improve your photos.

All of these options are accessed by either clicking on the Pencil icon on a slide or double clicking on a slide.

All 4 of the photo editing options can be found on the right side of the Edit screen.



The first option, Enhance, is performed automatically if the option is selected. It automatically enhances the photo.


Color Correction

The second option, Color Correction, allows you to manually change the color settings of the photo. The options include Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Hue. You can change these settings however you like to make the photo look its best. Below these options a reset button to undo the Color Correction changes done to the photo. There is also an option to go to the next slide or previous slide making it easier to get more photos done in less time.


Red Eye Removal

The third option, Red Eye Removal, explains itself. Some photos have a red eye effect that can be removed with this tool. Simply select the eye that you would like to adjust and choose the size of the adjustment area. Poof! Normal eyes.


Blemish Concealer

The fourth option, Blemish Concealer, helps to clean and remove acne, moles, blemishes, or other unslightly parts. You can adjust the brush size on the right hand side, like other tools, for larger swaths or more finite pieces. As with the other tools, you can reset any changes you have made by pressing the Reset button.


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