This is most commonly referred to as the "Ken Burns" effect. This allows you to choose the starting and ending point on a photo. For example, you may want to begin showing a large group of people in a photo but zoom direcly in on the subject of the video. With tukios this is really easy to do!

  • First, click the "Edit" button on the photo you would like to work on. This button looks liks a pencil.

  • Now click the "Custom Zoom" button.

  • Now you will be able to choose the starting and ending point on the photo. You will notice that it forces the size of the little crop box so it is always the same shape as the video's screen. This way you know exactly what is going to appear on the screen when you view the video.

You can then preview how the custom zoom will look. Once done, you can click the button that says "Done".


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