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Why won't my DVD play?

This walkthrough discusses how to check a DVD that isn't playing

If you're having an issue with a DVD playing in a DVD player, there are three different variables to check: The DVD Player, the DVD Disc, and the DVD Burner. For best results, we suggest that you use the built-in DVD burning software on your computer or our the Tukios Tools. We have a walkthrough for burning the DVD on MacWindows, and with Tukios Tools.  If you're using our software and having problems, please consider these three potential solutions:

  1. The DVD player may not support recordable media. Many older DVD players that were manufactured in the 90s don't support DVD-R+R/RW discs. This isn't something that we encounter very often anymore since most people have newer DVD players. However, we recommend that you use DVD-R discs rather than the +R or RW discs as the DVD-R is the most compatible.

  2. The DVD disc may be faulty. It is common for about 1 in 200 DVDs to be defective. If you have burned a DVD and it isn't working, the first thing to do would be to burn another one.

  3. DVD Burner may no longer work. Try burning several DVDs before deciding that a DVD burner has gone bad. You can tell if anything is being written to a DVD by looking at the bottom of the disc. There will be a change in the color on the bottom of the DVD where the video is written. A DVD plays from the center and works it's way out, so the longer the video, the larger this circle will be.


If you're still having issues after looking at these three variables, please call us so we can further investigate the situation.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to email or call us

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