How does the family use the Family Obituary Editor?

In this article, learn what the family sees when getting invited to be a Family Obituary Editor.

If you need to know how to add a Family Obituary Editor please click here.

1. After you have added the family member, they should receive an email in their inbox that looks something like this. If they don't see it in their main inbox, have them check their spam.

2. Once they have found the email they click the "view obituary" button and it will ask them to login. They will then use the login information on the email to access the Family Obituary Editor.

3. Once they are logged in they are good to go! There are a couple different access views that they could have, depending on what access they have been given.


Viewer Access

They are only able to see the name of the deceased, date of birth and death, and the obituary text. They will not be able to change or edit anything within the obituary itself.

Editor Access

They are able to change the profile and cover photo and add emblems. They have access to change the date of birth and death. They can also edit the obituary text and add a background image.

Admin Access

Admin access has all the same access as editors, besides the extra of being able to add more editors to the obituary.


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