How do I get paid for tribute keepsake sales?

By embedding or sharing the tribute video link, you can get paid for any tribute keepsake sale made.

Below each of your streaming videos, you will see the option to order products for that specific video. Here's an example:

When somebody clicks on that link and makes a purchase, the difference from the wholesale cost of the product and your retail price (which is the price displayed on the checkout page) is your commission. Those dollars are first converted to Tukios credits, and those credits pay down your current account balance. If the commissions from your online orders exceed your account balance (or what you owe to Tukios), then your account balance will show a positive balance, meaning that we owe you money.

*Note: You can decide the retail prices displayed on the checkout page. If you would like to change those prices, you can do that manually, or please notify us via email or phone, and we will change them right away.


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