Change Retail Pricing from Tukios on Vimeo.

When you create an account, default retail prices are set for products. When someone wants to order a product, this is what they will see: 

*Note: Clicking on any of the products will display more information about the product.

If you want to change these default retail prices on your products, first, click on the 3 lines to the left of "tukios" and select "Settings".


Now on the settings page click on the section that says "Retail Pricing"

You can change the prices to be whatever you would like (just as long as they are above the wholesale price, obviously).Then click "Save".  

We suggest between $65 and $75 for the Bookshelf Box and between $20 and $25 for the Standard DVD


If you have any other questions, please feel free to email or call us  |  801.682.4391