Can I duplicate slides?

You can duplicate any number of images in the system.

Families oftentimes want the same photo to show up in a couple of different places. Learn how to do that by watching the video below, or following the steps of the article.     


1- When inside the Slides section of the Video Creator, select the slide(s) you would like to Duplicate.

- This can be one slide,


- A set of slides (by pressing the first in a row and select when clicking the last),


 - Or a couple of slides (by clicking control on your keyboard and selecting the individual photos)


2- When it/they have been selected, you can click the button on the side that says "Duplicate."

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 2.34.21 PM

3- Once you click the Duplicate Button, the slides will automatically duplicate in the system right next to the photo trying to be duplicated.

Once the photos have been duplicated, you can move them anywhere you want.  


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