What is Aftercare Text and how does it work?

In this article, learn how Aftercare Text works and the costs of sharing it with families.


Aftercare text is a service for funeral homes that automatically sends families caring texts during the first year following their loss. The cost to sign up is $150 a month. With this charge you can sign up as many families as you would like and send them personalized messages through an easy to use portal. You can choose how many you would like to send and when to send them. You can also change when they are sent at any time as well. 


How to enroll a family:

1. To add a family click on the add a family button. 

2. From there you can input all the information needed and add any surviving family members that you would like to enroll. 

3. From there click the green add family button, and from there, they will be added to the service.


How to check for messages sent & received:

1. Click on yellow text inbox button in the top right hand corner.

2. This will pull up all messages that have been sent and it will show any that have been sent to you from the families. From here you can respond, just like a regular text message!

- If you would like to send the recipients a form to a google review to fill out, simply click the "ask for a review" button on the right hand side of the page. From there, they can click on the link and it will send them to your google review page. 


How to send announcements:

1. Go to the announcements page.

2. Fill out the announcement name and what you would like the message to say.

3. From there, click next and it will ask you to choose which contacts the announcement will go to.

4. The next step will ask you which date you would like the text to be sent out on. 

5. Click the Save & Schedule Delivery button and that announcement will be sent out to those specifics families you chose on the specific date.


How to enroll a large amount of people:

1. Click the bulk enrollment button at the top of the main page on the right of all the green buttons.

2. From there, you can upload a spreadsheet of names and contact information to be added to the system. 


Aftercare text works monthly! You can cancel at anytime!


If you have any other questions, please feel free to email or call us.

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