How do you resize a photo?

Tukios has a photo size limit of 50MB, so if you need to upload a photo that is larger than that then you can reduce the size of the photo using Microsoft Paint.

First, open the photo in Microsoft paint by right-clicking on the file and then finding Open with and open with paint.

Find photo->Rightclick->Open with->Paint

(If your Image is extremely large then you may have to open it with Paint 3D)


Once Paint is open, select the option to Resize.


In the window that pops up, decrease the percentage so the resulting photo will be under 50MB. Make sure the Maintain Aspect Ratio box is checked, then click OK.

50 percent will usually do the trick.


Once the photo has been resized, make sure to save the photo.

File -> Save/Save as


Your photo should now be resized and ready to be uploaded to your video!


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