Pledge Frequently Asked Questions

In this article, learn how charities can use and get set up with Pledge to receive donations off of your funeral home's obituaries if you choose.

When does the nonprofit get paid?

Payments are sent out the first week of the following month. Charities can register for an account and for a small fee they can receive payments sooner.

How does the nonprofit get paid?

Charities can register for either direct deposit or checks.

Where can I see the donations made for my nonprofit?

If a donor chooses to make their donation public, you can see their donation on the guestbook. However, you can see how much has been donated in total to the nonprofit, by checking the backend of the obituary, and scrolling down to the "Charities" section.

Can I add a charity to Pledge?

If a charity wants to register as a nonprofit, they can sign up at

Is there a way to see who made a donation?

The only way to see who has made a donation is if they choose for their donation to be public.

How often do I get paid?

The money donated goes to the charity through Pledge, so the funeral home will not receive any payments. 


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