Unfortunately, powerpoint files cannot be uploaded into Tukios. They would be files ending with the .PPTX extension. BUT THERE IS STILL HOPE!

There are a couple ways to extract the images from the powerpoint presentation, which can then be uploaded into Tukios. The images just have to be taken out of the powerpoint first. The following methods assume you've already downloaded the powerpoint to your computer.

Method 1 (The quick and easy way)

1. Open the powerpoint.  


2. Click File > Save As > Browse


3. Where it says "Save as Type:" choose either the JPEG or PNG option (it really doesn't matter which). You may also want to choose where the pictures save to on your computer. After this, click save.


4. You will see a box asking which slides you want to export. Click "All Slides." It may take a few minutes but the slides will now save into the folder you chose.

5. Upload the pictures into Tukios.

Note: The pictures saved using this method will be the whole powerpoint slide, including the powerpoint background and any text on the slide. You can either leave the pictures as they are with the powerpoint background or crop them in the Tukios video builder.


Method 2 (The advanced method)

1. Make sure you can see the file extensions of your files. For example, "peter.jpeg" has the file extension (.jpeg) but "peter" does not. If you cannot see the file extensions of your files, this method will not work for you.

2. Right click on the powerpoint file and click "Rename."


3. Change the ".pptx" extension to ".zip". It will give you a warning message. Click Yes. This has now been turned into a zip folder.


4. Right click on the zip folder and click "Extract All..." It will ask you where you want to put the extracted files. Choose somewhere that you can easily find, then click Extract.


5. In the extracted folder, you will need to navigate to where the pictures are located. It should be in ppt > media. Woohoo! Here are the pictures from the slideshow! You can move them elsewhere or just upload them into Tukios from this folder.

Note: This method does require a bit more work and is a bit more tricky but it gives you the raw pictures rather than powerpoint slides with their backgrounds.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to email or call us

support@tukios.com  |  801.682.4391