How do I set up my Fujitsu iX500 ScanSnap scanner?

The Fujitsu iX500 has many features that can be used. This is how you can change the settings to only scan photos.

The Fujitsu iX500 is a discontinued product by Fujitsu. They do not support this product anymore. If you are having issues with your scanner, we suggest you update to the Fujitsu iX1600.

Here are the steps to set up your iX500 ScanSnap! 

If you prefer text and pictures, here you go!

1. Plugin and connect the scanner to your computer

2. Insert the DVD-ROM to install ScanSnap on your computer. Open your file explorer to see it on your computer. 

3. Complete the installation process by double-clicking on the icon in the disc drive. 

This will open up a window. Click on "Install Products" 

Next, click on "ScanSnap." 

This will open up the ScanSnap installation process. Follow the Install Wizard through the process. 

Allow the program to make changes to your computer. 

When given the option, choose "Typical."

Accept the terms of the license agreement and continue following the steps of the Install Wizard. 

When prompted, confirm that ScanSnap is connected and on.

A few messages will pop up, explaining how a new folder was created to save images, etc. temporarily. 

4. You need to change the settings on your scanner. 

Open up the ScanSnap Organizer from your desktop. It will be a transparent, purple-ish/blue-ish folder. 


Then click on the transparent folder in the top left corner. 


Then click on "SCAN Button Settings."

There are several tabs. Click on the "Save" tab and make sure that the images are being saved to a folder that you will be able to find. The Pictures folder in your My Documents folder is the most common area to have the photos saved. 

Click on the "Scanning" tab and select the following settings: 

            Image quality: Automatic resolution

            Color mode: Color

            Scanning side: Simplex Scan (Single-sided)

Click on the "File Option" tab and check that you want the file format as the green JPEG and NOT the red PDF.

 Now you can scan away! 


If you have any other questions, please feel free to email or call us  |  801.682.4391