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How do I post a video to an obituary?

Although every website provider is a little different, this walkthrough teaches you the basics of manually embedding your videos onto your obituary platform.



Embedding a Video from Tukios on Vimeo.

Every video you create can be embedded directly into your online obituaries. This is VERY easy to do! 

  1. First, once you've generated a video, you will see a window appear with what is called an embed code. This is what it looks like: 
  2. Click on the Copy button next to the box. Then, you can paste the video into the obituary of the person.
  3. It may differ depending on which website provider you have, but usually, you will paste that embed code right into the same box where you type the obituary text.
  4. DONE! This is what it looks like embedded into your website.


*Note: If you pasted the code into your obituary and the actual code appears on your website instead of the video as seen above, go back and make sure that the code was pasted into the plain text editor. This option, depending on your website provider, will probably be above the box where the obituary is typed. Be sure the code wasn't pasted into the "visual" option. 


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