How do I cleaning my Fujitsu Scanner?

By opening the top of the scanner, you can clean the sensors on both sides of the machine using a lint-free cloth and cleaning alcohol.

The Fujistu iX500 is a discontinued product by Fujistu. They do not support this product anymore. If you are having issues with your scanner, we suggest you update to the Fujistu iX1500.

Occasionally the ScanSnap scanner needs to be cleaned. This needs to be done when you start to notice lines on the scanned images that don't appear on the originals. 

Open up the scanner (there is a button on the ride side that you can pull forward to do this), take a clean, damp cloth, and wipe down the inside of the scanner, especially the white parts. 

Here is a video that shows how to clean the scanner. Although the video shows the Scansnap iX500, the same concept applies to the iX1500. 


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