Can I change the intro, title, and/or subtitle on my video?

When you need to edit the title (name), subtitle (dates or other things), or introductory text, you can do it simply by accessing the Setup Page.


Click on the step at the top of the page called Setup.

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 2.43.48 PM

You can change all of the different functions to anything you would like. The changes will be saved automatically. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 2.45.48 PM

Here is where each of these things are shown in the video.

The introductory text will typically appear at the beginning of the video, with something to the affect of "In Loving Memory".

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 2.35.45 PM

After the "In Loving Memory", the picture of the deceased, their name, and their date of birth and death will appear. The name is usually what is input for the title of the video and their date of birth and death for the subtitle.

Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 2.38.21 PM 


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