How do I use the AI Obituary Writer?

Tukios now has an AI obituary writer to help compose obituaries without having to think of it on your own. Learn how to use it in this article!

This obituary writer is only available to people with Tukios websites! It is also free to use!

  1. When in an individual obituary, click on the "AI Obituary Writer".1
  2. In the first section, fill out any personal information about the deceased that you would like to be included within the obituary text, then click "next".2-2
  3. From there, you will have the option to fill out any family information. Continue on to the next section by clicking "next".3
  4. If you already have services entered they will show on this page, if you still haven't added services you can add them from here, continue on and click "next". 4-1
  5. In this section you will be asked about different life events. Please remember not all of these need to be filled out. Whatever fits the decedent best! Click "next" one more time.5-2
  6. This will pull you into the generation section, where you can choose the tone of the obituary. Once you have chose one that fits best, click "generate" and your obituary should begin to write itself. 6-2


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