When attempting to record a Hug video, you will need to ensure that it can record audio and video. Make sure that your Microphone and Camera are plugged in. The page should ask if you want to use your Microphone and Camera. Be sure to click Allow as seen here. 

If the audio and video prompt does not appear, you may need to go into your settings and allow your browser to access it.

Under Privacy and Security, Permissions in Settings for Chrome:


Under Privacy & Security in Preferences for Firefox:

Under Site Permissions in Settings for Microsoft Edge:


If you are using a phone, you will need to access your browser's permissions from your Settings page

You will need to close the browser completely for the change to take effect. 

You should also check the "Config" option on the recorder to make sure that it is picking up from the right microphone and camera. 


If checking all of the above items do not aid in the getting sound through Hugs, you can always record the video separately and then upload it into the system. 

From a Computer:


Or from a Phone:


If you have any other questions, please feel free to email or call us

support@tukios.com  |  801.682.4391