Tukios tools is a new program we have release that makes burning a DVD as simple as clicking one button! There is a small setup process to it though. Part of this process includes downloading the running the Tukios Tools installer.

Please know that the Tukios Tools program is perfectly safe.

Unfortunately, some antivirus software such as Norton, AVG, and others are preventing the file from downloading or they automatically delete it once it has downloaded.

In such cases, you should have an option for more details about the file that was blocked or deleted. In these details you should look for an option to restore the file. This will also tell the antivirus software that this file is fine and it doesn't need to worry about it.

Once the file has been restored and allowed past the antivirus software, it can be run and Tukios Tools can be installed. Hooray! Now you can burn DVDs with just one click!


If you have any other questions, please feel free to email or call us

support@tukios.com  |  801.682.4391