We have two options for billing and payments based on what works best for you. 

Monthly Billing

With our monthly biling option we send an invoice at the beginning of the month for all orders placed during the previous month. The invoice will display both orders placed by you as well as any retails orders made from the streaming videos. All retail orders produce positive credits towards your account or pay down your account balance. The invoice will display each order with the amount to pay or the amount that you have "in the black."


The pay per use model charges your card on the spot each time you place an order. With this option any retail orders that are placed through the website by end-users produce credits in your account. This means that the next time you place an order following a retail sale, whatever positive credits that you have in the account will be applied to your order. 


If you have any other questions, please feel free to email or call us

support@tukios.com  |  801.682.4391